Universal QD double girder overhead crane [cab]


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Universal QD double girder overhead crane

Universal QD double girder overhead crane [cab]

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My company has the following products:
(A) LD electric single girder overhead crane, from the weight of 1-20T (two) QD electric double girder overhead crane, from the weight 5-320T (three) MDG, MH, MG-type and L-type single and double door girder cranes, from the weight 5-320T (four) LX electric single girder overhead cranes, from the weight 0.5-10T (five) LH-called double bridge cranes, MH-tube structure gantry, BL-type fixed column jib, QZ Bridge-type catch electromagnetic sucker and various non-standard crane crane which LDA and QD series won the National Quality Supervision Bureau issued by the trust the quality of products.
Company sales outlets throughout the country provinces and autonomous regions, the service system very well. Our products are widely used in steel, coal, chemicals, shipbuilding, port, metallurgy and other industries, strong support for China's modernization drive. Some products are exported to Mongolia, Russia and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

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